Beginning Running 101

Have you always wanted to be a runner and just haven’t known where to start? We’ve got a great start plan for becoming a runner! Learn all about the physical, emotional, and mental benefits of running, including fat burning, stress release, and bad joint prevention! Then you will have all the knowledge you need to get started with your running plan and improve little by little every day! The provided running plan includes detailed instructions and is broken down into an eleven week program. Easy to understand, and proven to be effective, it’s great for runners at their beginning stages. Run for health, fun, stress relief, or more muscular legs! Read more to begin!


Goal Setting

Not all of us are perfect goal setters, and if that’s you, you’ve come to a great place! We can help you get started by breaking down big goals into little goals, and sharing tips about how to integrate yourself into your goals! Goal setting has never been a perfect science, but we can get you as close as possible to setting goals and becoming a healthier person! Take a deep breath and plunge into our ideas and tips about how to be better! We’ll talk about breaking down your goals, overcoming your feelings of being overwhelmed, being creative with your goals, and rewarding yourself! Read more to get started today!


Imagine Something With Me

Have you ever started and given up on your weight loss goals? I know that I have! And believe it or not, thousands of others have found themselves in the same situation! No worries—the beauty of life is that it’s never too late to start over! Just because your weight loss and exercise plans didn’t work out doesn’t mean that they won’t succeed in the future! If you’re looking for inspiration, here is a great place to start! It’s an important part of goal setting to remember that everything happens for a reason, and taking breaks and re-grouping is a great way to get going again. Read more about inspirational motivators to get started!


Little Tips To Happiness

There are many books, magazines, and web sites out there about happiness, but happiness is different for everyone! There is no exact solution to what will make you happy, but we can get you started! We believe in the power of inspirational content and think it makes a big difference as you begin your journey. Inspiration lets you can see what you can and want to become. Whether it’s to run longer distances, tone muscle, have longer endurance rate, or just be an overall healthier person, we think that inspiration can help you get started, and pick you back up when things start to lag a little bit! Are you ready to begin your journey towards health!

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